Group Companies

Our Group of Companies:

Alongside the principal business of Hakim Fry Chartered Accountants, here in Epsom we also have in our group the following specialist companies which are all controlled by the Partners of the practice.

These companies are in place to assist clients and associates with a transparency of services and cost as well as to enable certain key members in our business to have direct control of some of the service provision:

Barbican Services Limited – a company through which we operate our Company Secretarial services as well a degree of our Business Support services, to include accounting staff secondments, regular management accounting services.

Barbican Computer Services Limited – operates our Payroll Services, managed principally by Company Director Lynn Sherstone.  This business also advises on accounting software solutions as part of our Business Support services, and in particular this company is a registered Sage dealer; although our advice not necessarily restricting itself to this solution alone.

Hakim Fry International Limited – through which we operate our Non Resident Landlord tax service – dealing with the UK tax aspects of owners of UK properties typically as expats on temporary overseas postings or overseas investors in UK properties; but also for Overseas based investors in UK Property sector.

We provide a ‘face to face’ service to our clients at locations including Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Tokyo as well as other regions visiting at least once a year.

For more information about our services or the timing of our next visit,  please contact Nilesh Patel at